Shufa 書法 the Chinese ‘art of writing’, commonly referred to in the West as ‘calligraphy'. Interpreted as gestural expression, it elicits zhiyi 知己‘recognition of the true self of the writer. What is at issue is precisely how recognition (zhi 知)— the basic relation we have with others and the world — functions in a distinctive way within calligraphy. SWYPE allows users to type words by gliding a finger across the keyboard along the path of the desired word. Fundamentally imitating the ancient calligraphy method. Once users have internalized the geography of the keyboard, these gestures become instinctual, allowing for text composition without needing to view the keys. Gestural calligraphy suggests the possibilities of technological evolution within language. A manual communication simultaneously combining subtle finger gestures and fingerspelling with VR motion tracking to express a users thoughts becomes a new manually coded language in the 21st century.